Leathers / Show Harness


Hot-dipped in a proprietary mix of oils and waxes, Show Harness is weatherproof and has a distinguished depth of color. Able to repel water, the lighter tones also display a handsome pull-upa signature trait of high-quality, full-grain leathers. Perfect for strap goods, it works equally as well for shoes and bags when the weight is split down. The leather’s high concentration of oils could cause leaching. Stocked in a series of weights ranging from 8-14oz. Custom splitting is also available down to 2-3oz.

Grade or Selection 8-10 oz 10-12 oz 12-14 oz
Standard $202 $214 $234
Utility $186 $198 $218
Special $171 $182 $202

Subdivision of a hide

Belly = F or G
Side = A+B+D+F or A+C+E+G
Back = A+B+D or A+C+E
Single Bend = D or E
Double Bend = D+E
Double Back = A+B+D+A+C+E
Double Shoulder = A+B+A+C