Leathers / Oiled Latigo


Strong, pliable and fully conditioned, Oiled Latigo is hot dipped in a special mix of oils, waxes and tallows. Reinforced to withstand the elements, the lighter colors have a rich pull-up and display strong character. Crafted in both a firmer and softer temper, the leather’s high concentration of oils could cause leaching. Stocked in a series of weights ranging from 8-14oz. Custom splitting is also available down to 2-3oz.

Grade or Selection 6-8 oz 8-10 oz 10-12 oz
"TR" Selection Only $ $ $

Subdivision of a hide

Belly = F or G
Side = A+B+D+F or A+C+E+G
Back = A+B+D or A+C+E
Single Bend = D or E
Double Bend = D+E
Double Back = A+B+D+A+C+E
Double Shoulder = A+B+A+C