Drum dyed and hot stuffed with our unique time-tested blend of waxes, oils and tallows. H Latigo is the newest addition to the Wickett & Craig line. After drying, the H Latigo has an aniline finish applied to the grain to provide a slight resistance to aging. This finish is applied lightly to allow the H Latigo to reveal its natural pull-up and full grain beauty. In full weights, the H Latigo will have a gum pasted flesh to give your products the finest look and feel.

Sq.ft. Thickness
Grade or Selection 9-11 oz 11-13 oz 13-15 oz
Standard $10.82 $11.16 $11.74
Utility $9.69 $10.03 $10.58
Special $8.74 $9.08 $9.63

Subdivision of a hide

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